11_hcco_0986_constitutionsHoly Cross came into being when Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C., brought together, into a single religious community, the Brothers of St. Joseph and the priests he had organized for auxiliary service in parishes. This community’s first constitutions were approved on May 13, 1857, and were subsequently revised several times.

The two areas of ministry that the priests and brothers accepted as their own were:

  • Preaching the Word of God, particularly in rural areas and foreign missions, and
  • Christian education in schools, especially for the benefit of poor and abandoned children.

The Second Vatican Council instructed every religious institute to reappraise its own specific character and mission, and then to formulate revised constitutions. Those published for Holy Cross by the General Chapter of 1986 followed two decades of deliberation and were a conscious attempt to return more closely to the ideal of our founder — a community of clerical and lay religious devoted to mission, but also called to be brothers in ministry. On Sept. 15, 1988 the Constitutions were promulgated and this is the version we continue to use today.

Today’s Constitutions provide focus, guidance and inspiration, as well as provide insights into the congregation.