Old College Undergraduate Seminary


vocations_old_college_pageThe Old College Undergraduate Seminary offers college-age men (age 18-22) an opportunity to enter into a seminary program during their undergraduate years. The program is named after the Old College building, the original structure at the University of Notre Dame, situated at the heart of campus. The men of Old College are led through a program of prayer and formation that helps them to consider God’s call while also studying in the classroom and participating in clubs and activities alongside their peers in the broader university community. We often hear from the young men visiting Old College: “I never realized that there were others like me considering a vocation to the priesthood.” Well, there are! And through the Old College undergraduate program they are finding answers to the questions that weigh on their hearts.

Please also visit the Office of Vocations’ website to learn how we can help you or someone you know to follow God’s call.