Moreau Seminary Postulant Program


vocations_candidate_programThe Postulant Program at Moreau Seminary is an introductory year for college graduates (ages 22-35) who are ready to start answering the questions they have about a religious vocation in the Congregation of Holy Cross.

Often those who have thought about a vocation hope that a great sign will confirm their call. The reality is that the great sign rarely comes. More often than not, the desired confirmation comes only after one takes a further step into the seminary, trusting that the thought itself may be the prompting of the Lord. The Postulant Year is that next step. It is a year lived at Moreau Seminary, adjacent to the University of Notre Dame, where one integrates study, prayer, spiritual direction and personal formation into a deeper awareness of God’s call. Through Postulant formation, young men join with others who have heard the call to fall in step with the great band of men in Holy Cross.

Please also visit the Office of Vocations’ website to learn how we can help you or someone you know to follow God’s call.