Address Fears and Questions

Address Fears and Questions

Discernment Tips

    “We wished to abandon all to follow Christ. We learned in time that we still had it within ourselves to hold back. We wish to be wholehearted yet we are hesitant. Still, like the first disciples we know that He will draw us along and reinforce our loyalties if we yield to Him.” — Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross, 1:8

    It is in answering God’s call that we find our greatest joy. We can know this truth, we can desire God’s will, and we can be willing to follow, yet there will always be challenges and fears that threaten to hold us back. Fears and doubts may never completely leave us, but they need not hold us back from moving forward with Christ.   

    In our FAQs, we address the common fears that can plague those in discernment. Often, addressing these fears is merely a matter of learning more about the reality of religious life and priesthood. The information below may be helpful in addressing some of the concerns that you have, yet they probably do not cover them completely. A more effective way to address these fears will be to contact a Vocation Director.

    Some of the questions covered in our FAQs:

    Celibacy: Is it possible?

    Poverty:  Will I have the basics of what I need?

    Obedience: What if they tell me to do something I don’t want to do?

    Worthiness: Who am I to receive this call?

    Timing: Should I enter or wait a few more years? Will I miss out on something if I enter now?

    Family: Do I need to leave my family behind? Can I manage without a family of my own?

    Many men worry about how they will fit in with other men at the seminary. Visit our Meet the Men in Formation page to learn more about our current seminarians. Be sure to Contact Us if there are any other questions that we can answer for you.

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