Apostolic, Justice & Peace (AJP) Fund Grants

The Apostolic, Justice & Peace (AJP) Fundexists to provide funding for apostolic, social justice, peace and educational initiatives, carried out in the name of the Congregation by Holy Cross apostolates or Holy Cross religious, that cannot be accomplished, in whole or in part, without additional resources being made available.

These historical funds, previously of the apostolic, justice and peace funds from the former Indiana and Eastern Provinces, have been combined as one designated, expendable fund to ensure annually that a portion of the available funds are redirected to initiatives that benefit the underserved and the poor.


All apostolates and all finally professed religious of the United States Province – including the Districts of Chile-Peru, East Africa, as well as the religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Province of Bangladesh are eligible to apply.

  • An application from a finally professed member of the Province serving in the United States can be submitted directly; there is no need for another letter of support.
  • An application from the Districts must show support of the respective District Superior to be submitted.
  • An application from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Province must be supported by the Provincial Superior.
  • An application from a religious serving outside of the United States Province but not in one of these jurisdictions must receive prior support from the Director of the Holy Cross Mission Center before submission of the application.

All proposals must be directly connected to Holy Cross apostolates and/or directly involve a Holy Cross religious in planning, implementation and evaluation. Projects should address one of 5 (five) areas:

  • Address structural and systemic causes of poverty or injustice;
  • Educate about the plight of the disadvantaged;
  • Advocate for community faith-based organizing efforts, community building or initiatives with this intention;
  • Promote educational, spiritual and ministerial formation of lay men and women;
  • Provide direct assistance to the poor and marginalized.

Note: Specific projects already receiving funding under supplemental grants from the Holy Cross Mission Center are ineligible to apply in the same grant year.

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Application Guidelines:
Grants are generally awarded on a one-year basis. Projects can re-apply for additional grants in the following grant year, but preference will be given to new initiatives. In limited circumstances, a multi-year grant may be approved.

In addition to completing the grant application below, a proposed budget must be submitted indicating overall costs of the proposal as well as all other sources of funding. You can submit your proposed budget via email to AJPFund@HolyCrossUSA.org.

Favor hacer clic para leer el formulario en español, which can be completed and emailed to AJPFund@HolyCrossUSA.org.

Completed applications and budgets should be received or postmarked by November 13, 2020 to Rev. Thomas J. Eckert, C.S.C., Chair, AJ&P Committee. If sending a hard copy submission in the mail, please send to:

Rev. Thomas J. Eckert, C.S.C.
Chair, AJ&P Committee
P.O. Box 543
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Awarding of Grants:

The grants proposals are reviewed in late November and early December at the meeting(s) of the Apostolic, Justice & Peace Committee with recommendations to the following meeting of the Provincial Council where the final decisions are made. (January 2021) Awarded grants are then distributed via check or ACH direct deposit on a date to be announced when the decisions are made. The actual date should be in late January or mid-February 2021.

All recipients must submit by September 30, 2021 a final report, no more than 500 words, that includes a final accounting of the grant, a summary of the project’s success and progress, if it is still not completed, and (when possible) pictures documenting the project. This information will be used to evaluate future grants and to publicize, both internally and externally, the work of apostolic, justice and peace works advanced through this fund. If the project is not enacted by that date, the recipient must propose a date by which he is able to submit the report, no later than September 30, 2021. PLEASE MARK THIS DATE IN YOUR CALENDARS.


November 13, 2020 – Applications due to HCMC
January 2021 – Provincial Council Review/Approval
January-February 2021 – Approved Grants Funded
September 30, 2021 – Reports due to HCMC

Revised and Approved by the AJ&P Committee
August 2020

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