Ave Maria Press Releases Revised Matrimonial Titles

wedding-812967_1920Ave Maria Press hasreleased the English translation ofTheOrder of Celebrating Matrimony, whichrequired themto thoroughly (and quickly!) revise two of their most important ministry resources, Together for LifeandThe Order of Celebrating Matrimony Ritual Cards(formerlyThe Rite of Marriage Cards).

The Order of Celebrating Matrimony(OCM) (formerly The Rite of Marriage), may be used in the United States beginning September 8, the Feast of the Nativity of Mary, and must be used as of December 30, the Feast of the Holy Family.

The Order of Celebrating Matrimony Ritual Cards

Ave’s new edition of its marriage rite card and binder set has just been formally approved by the USCCB as a liturgical book, and the set has accordingly been issued the concordat. This significant improvement means that all rubrics of the OCM will now appear (in red) along with all of the prayers, readings, and blessings needed to celebrate Catholic weddings. In brief, The Order of Celebrating Matrimony Ritual Cards is now a stand-alone liturgical book. Only when Mass is celebrated will priests need the Missal.

In addition to all the now-familiar prayers, readings, and blessings of earlier editions, The Order of Celebrating Matrimony card set now includes the expanded introduction to the OCM, new translations of the Responsorial Psalms, one additional New Testament reading, optional blessings for the arras and lazo, and new appendices for blessing an engaged couple and for blessing a married couple on the anniversary of marriage. The latter are not simple blessings, but rites containing several elements such as introductory rites, readings, petitions, blessings of the couples, and of rings (for the latter), and solemn final blessings.

Due to the expansion of the OCM, including slight, but important rubrical distinctions between the three forms of celebrating matrimony, the number of ritual cards has increased from 88 to 144 and the number of tabs has increased from 15 to 19. Because of the extensive number of changes required, it has not been possible to create a “replacement pack” that contains only the new cards.

Each form contains specific rubrics that pertain to that rite exclusively, and these rubrics are now all included in Ave’s card set.

Together for Life

The 2016 edition of Together for Life reflects all the changes to be implemented with the introduction of the OCM and fully corresponds to The Order of Celebrating Matrimony Ritual Cards. Most of the changes are found within the Celebration of Matrimony proper and involve subtle, but important differences in language to accommodate variances in the form of the rite used.

The 2016 edition of Together for Life contains the same readings and pastoral commentaries as the previous (2012) edition with the one new reading added from the OCM, Ephesians 4:1-6. It also provides the new translation of the Responsorial Psalms found in the OCM. The FAQs, catechetical commentaries, and appendices have been updated to reflect changes to the OCM.

Together for Life remains 128 pages long and has the same trim size as the previous edition.

You can also visitthe Ave Maria Presswebsite to learn more about the updated editions ofTogether for Lifeand theRitual Cards.

Ave Maria Press is alsoexcited to share their new video-based marriage preparation program,Joined by Grace, which will be available in October. It’s the result of several years of planning and execution. If you do nothing else, make sure you view the two-minute-longvideo trailerfor the program. See if you can spot Fr. Neil Wack, one of the theological experts who contributed to the video. Thank you, Fr. Neil!

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