Bangladesh Bishop Visits Missionaries & Christ the King Parish in South Bend, Indiana

Bishop Ponen Paul Kubi, C.S.C., consecrated Bishop in 2003, is the first native/tribal (Garo) Bishop to come from the soil of Mymensingh Diocese.He was born and raised in Jalchatra Parish, received his early education from the parish grade school and high school. He then joined Holy Cross and was ordained in 1986 by Pope John Paul II, during the Pope’s visit to Bangladesh in November 1986.

During his visit, Bishop Ponen (left) visited with the
missionaries who served the Church and community in
Bangladesh for many years. Bangladesh Missionaries,
Brother Rodney Struble, C.S.C., (right) ministered there for 25
years andFr. Eugene Homrich, C.S.C., (center) accompanied
his parishioners for over 60 years.

For seventeen years he was engaged in pastoral and formation ministries before being chosen to be Bishop for Mymensingh Diocese. Bishop Ponen came to the United States and visited the Holy Cross missionary Priests and Brothers who spent many years of their lives serving the parishes and schools of Bangladesh. During his visit, Bishop Ponen also had the opportunity to express his gratitude for the close fellowship between Christ the King Parish Community in South Bend, Indiana and Jalchatra Parish in Mymensingh Diocese of Bangladesh.

At Mass on Saturday, June 2, Bishop Ponen spoke to the Christ the King parish community about the great numbers of tribal peoples who converted to Catholicism in the years since he was a boy due to the unceasing efforts of the Congregation of Holy Cross. He thanked the parishioners of Christ the King for the many ways they support the parish in Jalchatra. Christ the King Pastor, Fr. Steve Lacroix, C.S.C., said the support the people of Jalchatra give to Christ the King was also greatly appreciated and asked Bishop Ponen to thank the parish on their behalf. It was such a beautiful Mass!

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