Christmas 2011 Holy Cross Reflections

Christmas is a time to give thanks and rejoice in the gift of Jesus Christ. It’s a time of internal reflection as to how we can not only receive God’s greatest gift into our hearts and lives, but more importantly how can we share it with others.

Holy Cross is working to share this gift around the globe.

Father John Herman

In his Christmas reflection, hear how Fr. John Herman, C.S.C., pastor of Parroquia Nuestra Madre Santisima de La Luz in Mexico, is fanning the flames of Christ’s light so it will burn more brightly for those in perilous situations:

“As I reflect upon the reality of our people and the anxiety and uncertainty under which they live now here with the drug cartels of Mexico, I think of Mary and Joseph and the people of Israel living in anxiety and uncertainty under the presence of the Roman army in their land. The people of Israel had endured so many difficult times as they waited for centuries for the Messiah to come. Although the people’s lives necessarily continued on, they knew much darkness. They waited in hope for the coming of the Messiah, for the coming of the great light.Read more …

Fr. Herb Yost, C.S.C., also reflects on how every day citizens of God are sharing God’s gifts in the humblest of ways to making the greatest sacrifices …

“Anonymous benefactors are going into K-Marts around the country and paying off lay-aways so families can have a Christmas. Jose Gutierrez, age 22, of Lomita, Calif. and David Hickman, age 23, of Greensboro N.C., the first and last soldiers to be killed in Iraq. Nathan Chapman, age 32, of San Antonio, the first soldier to be killed in Afghanistan. Greater love than this …” Read more …

The Congregation of Holy Cross, United States Province of Priests and Brothers prays that we all will recognize God’s grace, peace, love and blessings in our lives not just at Christmas but all year long, and that we share those blessings with our fellow man.

Merry Christmas!

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