Congregation of Holy Cross General Administration Launches New Website

New Holy Cross Website

Rev. Richard V. Warner, C.S.C., Superior General of the Congregation of Holy Cross, announced the launch of the Congregation’s redesigned website,

“This beautiful new website is a powerful way for us to communicate to those we serve, as well as to the wider world, the international mission and face of our Congregation,” said Fr. Warner. “Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets of the Congregation is our internationality. This website showcases our internationality for the gift that it is for the Church and the world.”

The Congregation is present in 16 countries. The new website provides profiles on each country in which Holy Cross serves today. Each feature includes a brief history of the Congregation in the country as well as an overview of the work carried out there today. There is also a reflection written by a member of the Congregation in that country articulating the hope that Holy Cross brings to those it serves.

“One of the hallmarks I hear about Holy Cross in my travels to our apostolates around the world is the way we welcome those we serve to become a part of our religious family,” said Fr. Warner. “Blessed Basile Moreau, our founder, modeled us on the Holy Family, and so family is an essential part not just of our community life, but also our mission.

“We tried to capture that familial spirit and approach to our mission on this website by including many personal stories and reflections. Those stories and reflections, along with the many pictures, help bring the Congregation to life on the website,” said Fr. Warner.

Among the new features on the website, there are photo galleries that showcase the Congregation around the world, including Final Professions, Ordinations, educational ministry, parochial ministry, and missionary outreach. There are also video galleries that explore the Congregation’s charism and history, its current ministries, and its membership. They all provide a quick snapshot of the international face of Holy Cross.

“Our Constitutions speak about our mission sending us ‘across borders of every sort,'” said Fr. Warner. “The zeal to make God known, loved, and served, which first animated our founder, continues to motivate us today. This website conveys that zeal and hopefully invites others to join us in this great mission the Lord has called us to.”

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