Feast of the Assumption


Feast of Assumption Mass Readings

On the Feast of the Assumption, we pause to honor our Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother, with this reflection from “The Cross, Our Only Hope” edited by Rev. Andrew Gawrych, C.S.C., and Rev. Kevin Grove, C.S.C. This reflection was written by Rev. John Phalen, C.S.C., president and director of Holy Cross Family Ministries.

“We understand a bit of the emotion called motherly love, this love of a mother for the children she has brought to life. Motherly love leads her always to think about them and work to assure their happiness. This is but a faint picture of what Mary feels for all people, and the love she bears for us, since she became our mother and she adopted us as her children.”
Blessed Basil Moreau

Behold, your mother. Woman, behold, your son,” uttered Jesus from the Cross. Tradition tells us that this statement in John’s Gospel refers to all of us, the members of the Church. In giving his mother to the beloved disciple, Christ gave Mary to each of us as our Mother, too. She thinks of us constantly and inspires us, working to assure our happiness. This is the form her love takes.

Holy Cross priests Fr. Patrick Peyton and Fr. Edward Sorin believed so strongly in the love of Mary that they each took important documents intended to be sent out by mail, placed them on the Marian altar, and prayed their rosary over them. After praying to Mary, they would receive some indication of her preference and either rip up the documents or send them according to her instructions. Both of these Holy Cross men were certain of their Mother’s love for them.

We, too, can be as certain of her love for us. Those confident enough in a mother’s love know that she will decide what is best for her children and their lives. If we lack this confidence, however, we can pray to Mary, and through her intercession, she will help us to trust in her and her Son. She keeps much in her heart, but her deep love is for all of God’s children. She loves us because her Son loves us; she loves us because she is our Mother; she loves us in order that we might imitate her Son’s love for all her children.

Rev. John Phalen, C.S.C.

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