Filled with Spirit (Jan. 10, 2016)

On this Second Sunday or Ordinary Time, the Gospel is the Wedding at Cana, where Jesus performs the first of his public miracles. It follows on the Nativity, the Epiphany, and the Baptism as yet another manifestation of God’s presence in our world through Jesus. And what is God saying to us through Jesus’ changing of water into wine? That’s easy: “Party hearty, folks!”

Jesus was distinctive! Jesus cherished being with people. He enjoyed social occasions…..He was a much sought-after dinner guest. Most people were very comfortable around him. In fact he was even criticized by the religious leaders for his love of life and of people. When folks were with Jesus, they were filled with spirit!

In the Old Testament wine was often a symbol of God’s presence with the people. The prophets Hosea and Joel made great use of this symbol. When Israel was unfaithful, God would deprive Israel of wine. When the people were faithful, the mountains would be dripping with wine. Fidelity to God equals happiness.

Wine obviously flowed at Jesus’ parties; after all, the Pharisees called him a drunkard. In the Gospel of John, there’s nearly always a deeper meaning within a story. So too with the wedding at Cana. For John, it also symbolizes the marriage of heaven to earth, the wedding of God to humanity. That idea is conveyed beautifully in the First Reading: “No more shall men call you “Forsaken,” or your land “Desolate,” But you shall be called “My Delight,” and your land “Espoused.” For the Lord delights in you, and makes your land his spouse.” So why not party hearty!

So sometime in the next few days, pour yourself a glass of spirit (I use the term broadly!). Raise it to the Lord, and thank God for being such a good part of your life! For the Lord does indeed delight in you!

Love deeply, pray faithfully, laugh often!

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