First Sunday in Ordinary Time (June 14, 2015)

Seeds play a large part in this coming weekend’s Mass readings. I like flowers, and I usually plant some in front of the Annex where I have my workshop. This year is the first time in a long while I’ve not only planted potted annuals, but also some seeds. I’d forgotten how neat it is to see the seeds emerging and being transformed into lush greenery. Now if only the stupid chipmunks would leave the sunflower seeds alone!!

Those chipmunks have their counterparts in our lives. Each of us carries a sadness about something that did not work well in our life, and perhaps a number of things which are not working well now. That sadness seems to smother the good seed we’re trying to grow. Some of the difficulties are so challenging it’s hard to imagine how we could dare to have hope. We don’t know can’t foresee what the outcome will be. Will the good seed win? Or will the chipmunks eat away everything?

To use Paul’s words in the Second Reading, most of the time we walk by faith, not sight. Ideally, God would make everything the way we want it to be, and do it now. But life isn’t like that. God isn’t like that. Pretty much all we can do is place our trust in God’s presence with us, even (and sometimes most especially) in the midst of difficult challenges.

We can say, “Lord, I know that you know more than I know or understand. I place my trust in you, believing that you alone can redeem this mess with your love, mercy and grace. Knowing you are with me, gives me courage and hope. What I’m really asking you is to help me sense your presence with me and to believe. Then, like sun and rain and good soil, mercy and love will bring more life and growth than I can today imagine.”

Don’t let the chipmunks wear you down, OK?

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