Fr. Cox Loves Baseball

Fr. Chris Cox, C.S.C.

Rev. Christopher Cox, C.S.C., usually calls Chile home.But while attending the International Catholic Stewardship Council annual conference in Dallas recently, he took in his favorite pastime. Fr. Cox went to a Texas Rangers game against the Houston Astros in Arlington, Texas.

Fr. Cox, pastor of Parroquia Nuestra Senora de Andacollo in Santiago, was asked by Fox Sports reporter Jim Knox to bless the Rangers’ dugout during the broadcast and a friend was made the Progressive Fan of the Game for bringing three priests to the game.

Fr. Cox has a regular blog called “Santiago Daily Photo: Daily scenes from life in Santiago, Chile.” Read Fr. Cox’s blog post, “Blessings and Baseball” to get the complete story. You can also learn more about Fr. Cox’s parish in Chile by watching this YouTube video onParroquia Nuestra Senora de Andacollo.

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