Fr. Lies is a Liaison Between Notre Dame and the Church

Father William Lies

How can a Catholic university like Notre Dame continue to strengthen its commitment to the greater Church and the key issues of today?

Figuring that out is part of the job of Rev. William Lies, C.S.C., vice president of Mission Engagement and Church Affairs at the University.

Fr. Lies acts as the liaison between the University and the Church by cultivating important relationships with the Congregation of Holy Cross, American bishops, Catholic organizations and the Vatican. He also facilitates deepening the conversation at Notre Dame about issues of importance to the Church.

“”Part of my job ? and it’s a part that I love ? is to figure out how best to share all the wonderful things going on here with the Church and the world,” Fr. Lies said. “Communicating well about Notre Dame’s Catholic mission is a big part of the blessing and challenge of this office.”

Read more on how Fr. Lies is helping the University fulfill its Catholic mission in ND Today, the University of Notre Dame Alumni Association E-Newsletter.

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