Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Mission Center Projects

    Support the Holy Cross Mission Center this #GivingTuesday and be among the first to donate to the HCMC Emergency Fund.

    With the establishment of this fund, the stability and services that Holy Cross schools and ministries provide will continue with limited hindrance when disaster strikes. This fund will be kept in reserve for use when there are truly emergent needs at our various missions. Our missions around the globe serve the poor and they do not have extra funds to cover emergencies, such as the recent destruction of rice crops by elephant herds at a Holy Cross parish/school in Bangladesh. These crops were the main source of food for this community; they need your help.

    In the last year alone, our missions have experienced massive flooding, hurricanes, monsoons, fire, cholera, physical attacks, thieves, and influx of refugees into Holy Cross mission areas. These events cause additional and unexpected costs for the ministries; however, with the establishment of this emergency fund these events will be less disastrous. Often, what amounts to a relatively small amount of money, can make all the difference in these emergency situations

    Unexpected needs and expenses are life altering for those served through the HCMC, but with your help we can lighten the burden for our missions when disaster strikes. Every act of generosity counts and by donating on #GivingTuesday to the HCMC Emergency Fund you can provide support these communities in need.

    Please help promote this special day of giving and bring awareness to the needs of others by posting #GivingTuesday on your social media sites. Together we can make a difference in the lives of our global neighbors!

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