Holy Cross Celebrates Jubilarians

2012 Jubilee

A May 25 Mass of Thanksgiving will honor 23 members of the Congregation of Holy Cross, U.S. Province of Priests and Brothers — 18 priests and five brothers – who are celebrating milestone anniversaries of their Ordination and religious profession in 2012.

The Jubilee Mass will begin at 4 p.m. at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.

Rev. Matthew M. Miceli, C.S.C., is celebrating 60 years as Holy Cross priest. Brs. Clarence J. Breitenbach, C.S.C., Robert C. Ewald, C.S.C., Louis F. Hurcik, C.S.C., John J. Platte, C.S.C., and Ronald G. Whelan, C.S.C., will honor the 60th anniversary of their religious profession. (see the entire list below).

Congregation of Holy Cross founder, Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C., called on the priests and brothers of Holy Cross to be “educators in the faith,” to serve the poor and educate both mind and heart, principally through their work in education, at parishes and through missions.

The Order’s distinctive charism and trust in Divine Providence have guided Holy Cross members to found world-renowned institutes of Catholic higher education, parishes across the United States and Mexico, along with mission work on five continents.

The U.S. Province is a family of approximately 400 priests and brothers and more than a 100 young men in formation around the world who trust in Blessed Moreau’s confidence in the Cross as their only hope and who carry out his zeal in making “God known, loved and served.”

Below is the list of 2011 Holy Cross Jubilarians. Read the biographies and autobiographies of this “great band of men” who’ve dedicated their lives to serving God and his people.

Sixtieth Anniversary of Ordination
Rev. Matthew M. Miceli, C.S.C.

Sixtieth Anniversary of Religious Profession
Br. Clarence J. Breitenbach, C.S.C.
Br. Robert C. Ewald, C.S.C.
Br. Louis F. Hurcik, C.S.C.
Br. John J. Platte, C.S.C.
Br. Ronald G. Whelan, C.S.C.

Fiftieth Anniversary of Ordination
Rev. Harry C. Cronin, C.S.C.
Rev. James J. Denn, C.S.C.Rev. Jerome C. Esper, C.S.C.
Rev. James F. Flanigan, C.S.C.
Rev. Gregory A. Green, C.S.C.
Rev. Lawrence J. Henry, C.S.C.
Rev. William R. Persia, C.S.C.
Rev. Chester S. Prusynski, C.S.C.
May 16, 1920-April 22, 2012
Rev. David Sherrer, C.S.C.
Rev. Ronald R. Tripi, C.S.C.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Ordination
Rev. Eugene Justin Anjus, C.S.C.
Sacred Heart of Jesus Province
Rev. Michael M. DeLaney, C.S.C.
Rev. John F. Denning, C.S.C.
Rev. Thomas E. Gaughan, C.S.C.
Rev. Charles B. Gordon, C.S.C.
Rev. Thomas P. Looney, C.S.C.
Rev. Robert E. Roetzel, C.S.C.

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