Kamal Hossain – Bangladeshi citizen awarded Honorary Degree at University of Notre Dame Graduation

This year the University of Notre Dame honored an alumnus, long-time friend, and supporter of the Congregation of Holy Cross by awarding Kamal Hossain an honorary degree as a Doctor of Laws.

An internationally renowned jurist, Hossain is considered the father of the Bangladeshi constitution, which he drafted in 1972. Born in India, his family is from Barisal in south central Bangladesh. He was educated through Holy Cross schools, including St. Gregory’s School in Bandarban and Notre Dame College in Dhaka.Then in just two years he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Notre Dame (South Bend, Indiana), and three degrees from Oxford, after which he practiced and taught law. He was arrested and jailed during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. After his release, he returned to an independent Bangladesh and served as minister of law, minister of foreign affairs and minister of petroleum and minerals. He has served on several United Nations commissions as a champion for human rights and founded the People’s Forum political party in his country.

Hossain has continued his relationship with the Congregation as a legal advisor and friend. During his visit to the University to receive this honor, Hossain with his wife stopped by Holy Cross House to visit withmissionaries who served in Bangladesh, including two priests, Fr. David Burrell, C.S.C., and Fr. Dick Timm, C.S.C., whom he knew well. During his visit to Holy Cross House, Hossain also met other Holy Cross religious, including Brother Rodney Struble, C.S.C, who served in Bangladesh at Notre Dame College.

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