Lord, Send Me! (Jan. 31, 2016)

This weekend’s Readings at Mass have a wonderful unity between them.Isaiah (1st Reading), Paul (2nd) and Peter (Gospel) all have a wonderful amazing encounter with Yahweh or Jesus. All three are called to do something special for the world. Isaiah and Paul had visions, Peter had a real-life encounter. In every case four things happened.

First, these were three perfectly ordinary men whose encounter with the Lord became a life-changing event.

Second, the men are filled with fear. This is not the fear that comes with the threat of violence, but the feeling that comes when faced with something or someone overwhelmingly powerful and wonderful. It takes our breath away, and leaves us feeling awkward and inadequate.

Third, all three men become acutely aware of their inadequacy and sinfulness. Anyone who truly has an encounter with God becomes very aware of his/her littleness and what might be called the shabbiness of his/her life.

In the fourth event, the Lord offers all three men grace, forgiveness, and cleansing. God sees more in them than they see in themselves. There is the prospect of an entirely new life. It definitely won’t be all peachy, but somehow the new relationship with the Lord is enough to overpower any blatant evil. And finally, the men are called to minister to others.

Now you may be thinking: “Where’s my burning ember? Where’s my vision? Where’s my voice from God? Where is my miraculous conversion moment? All these folks were called in a really big way. Where is my big call? For the great majority of us, it doesn’t happen that way. Every tugging, pulling, pushing, and little voice in one’s head prompting to do something beautiful for another person is a call. Every prompting to share something good is a call. Every desire to give life in some way to God’s people and God’s world is a call.

God still looks at situations in the world and asks us – “Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?” Can we respond to him by saying: “Here I am, Lord. Send me, use me, but help me too.”

You are loved!

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