Mission Center Projects - Chile - Peru

Mission Center Projects - Chile - Peru

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    Areas of Greatest Need


    • Colegio Fe y Alegria 25, Canto Grande, Lima

      This school in Canto Grande, Peru, serves the children and young people of the large urban Holy Cross parish. It is one of the primary CSC ministries in Peru. The school has a vocational technical program for students to learn skills so they will be prepared for the work force upon completion of their studies. Many in this bakery program are disabled. There is a full bakery kitchen in the school where the upper level students learn baking skills; then through a co-op, go on to sell their breads, rolls, pizza, etc. It is a most worthy project helping young people find a way to be able to support themselves throughout their lives.

      Supporting this project will continue to offer scholarships to students to be able to participate in this program.

    • Fundamor - Fundación Moreau, Santiago

      This ministry provides residential homes for 8-10 children per home in a working class sector of Santiago. The children, between the ages of 3 to 12yrs, are all victims of abuse (physical or sexual) and/or abandonment by parents. They are usually placed with Fundamor by the Dept. of Social Services or by a Judge in Family Court and can stay, with full support, until the age of 18. There is a professional staff that supplements their academic and personal needs in order for these children to gain the skills and knowledge to be self-sufficient and balanced young men and women in society. If brothers and sisters are placed there, we try to keep families together in the same house. The attempt is made to give them a realistic family style living, with household responsibilities, and a caring and nurturing environment, along with the professional accompaniment each one receives according to her/his needs.

      Monies raised will go to the following: Education Fund, Music Program, and a Sports Program for the Children. They will be equipped with what they need for academic success, and also for the arts (music) and sports. Holy Cross tries to provide the best opportunities for these kids to develop their interests and talents through very organized extra-curricular activities while meeting their academic and personal needs with professional staff. For the older children in high school, some of the funds will be used to help pay for expenses they might have to participate in class events at school, so they will fit in with the rest of their classmates. Any and all amounts of donations are able to be used well.

      This is one of the most traditional and long-standing ministries of Holy Cross in Latin America, and it is extremely worthwhile to be able to sponsor one or two of these children and their needs. Holy Cross and the staff tries to ensure that they have opportunities in all aspects of life to learn their interests and talents.

    • La Fuente Project of San Roque,Santiago

      San Roque Parish in Santiago serves a low-income working class neighborhood of Santiago. La Fuente, a ministry of the parish, serves homebound elderly living in extremely poor and isolated conditions. This ministry has a large team, made up of parishioners, who prepare food, deliver it and visit with the elderly. They will also regularly bring them out of their homes to share in community with others from the program.

      This is the second priority project for Chile. Any size donation can be used for the costs of the food, especially, as this project continues to grow.

    • Yancana Huasy, Canto Grande, Lima

      This mission provides services for children / young people with disabilities in a highly impoverished area near Lima, Peru, called Canto Grande. Holy Cross has served in this area since 1975 in its commitment to the urban poor. This is the hallmark project of the District of Peru. This program is dedicated for children born into situations of extreme poverty who have significant physical or mental disabilities. As well, the staff works with the mothers or caregiver, to teach them ways to care for their children. This allows the parents to come to see the gift that their child is for them and their family, even with all the challenges they might have.

      The child, perhaps born into such poverty and with systemic disadvantages, has opportunities through Yancana Huasy to develop mentally, physically, spiritually and achieve his/her maximum potential. Beside the physical care, vocational classes and projects are established so the older children and young adults can learn trades, crafts, or find ways to continue learning and developing. Through all of this, a great sense of community is gained.

      Funds raised for this project will allow the special activities for the children to continue. It will assist in the goals of Yancana Huasy to bring their staff and services to the furthest regions of this sector of the parish of 300,000 people to be able to reach out to all of those who might have babies or children with such needs. It will also help bring the children to the Center of Yancana Huasy for their treatments and therapy.

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