Mission Center Projects - Haiti

Mission Center Projects - Haiti

Mission Center Projects | by Province Staff

    Areas of Greatest Need


    • Meal Program for CSC School, Haiti

      As stated as part of our goals at the Holy Cross Mission Center, we hope that by providing quality and nutritious meals for the students in our CSC schools, parents will send their children to school, especially the girls. This is the 2nd school that we have supported in Haiti.

    • Tuition Assistance / School Costs for the Poorest Students

      Believe it or not, many families cannot afford the few hundred dollars it costs to educate their children for a year. Through the good work of the Social Service program called FONZAL, Haitian Holy Cross community are committed to get these children into school and start their learning.

      The children love going to school and having the opportunity to learn. For elementary children learning reading, writing and mathematics will give them a base for their whole lives, that likely, they might never receive otherwise. It will also inspire them to start dreaming of a better future!

      This project, whether the money goes to just one student or is divided by many, will change their lives. In addition, in these schools we try to make sure that they receive their nutrition as well. There are approximately 50 children who would potentially receive benefits to have their costs paid, at just less than $300 per student (this includes school clothes, shoes, a bookbag, etc).

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