Palm Sunday Reminder (Mar. 29, 2015)

As the years go by, and as I become more and more reflective on my life thus far, it amazes me how Palm Sunday so perfectly reflects human life definitely mine, probably yours as well.

At the beginning of the Palm Sunday service, we’re singing our hosannas to the King of Israel more or less enthusiastically. We’re thankful that Jesus and his Father are a part of our life. We’re thankful for the blessings that are ours. We’re grateful for the people who accompany us on life’s journey. Our spirits are lifting because we’re getting the first taste of Spring after a long winter.

Yet, ten minutes later, during the reading of the Passion, we’re part of the chorus reading (again more or less enthusiastically) “Crucify Him!” But you say, “We would never actually do that!!”

Oh no??

We could sing “praise God” on Sunday, and on Monday yell out “God **** you/it!!” How often by our words, thoughts, or actions have we crucified immigrants, prisoners, Muslims, LGBT folks, the President and Congress, people who get in our way in the hallways and highways, poor people, the homeless? It’s a core believe that these folks individually and collectively are the Body of Christ; what we do to them we do to Jesus.

The palms are a reminder and a challenge. They remind us that we are called to be heralds of Christ to celebrate him the way they did that day in Jerusalem. These palms challenge us to not turn our back and walk away. They challenge us to not step over Christ, or ignore him. And they challenge us not only to remember what we have done to him, but what he has done for us.

That is what this week is about. Holy Week reminds us of what we could be were it not for the grace of God.

Happy Easter!!

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