Renovations Completed to Chapel of Christ the Teacher at University of Portland

Chapel renovations

The Chapel of Christ the Teacher on the campus of the University of Portland has seen many recent renovations including replacement of the current seating with pews, replacementof the chairs for concelebrants and the choir and installation of lattice woodwork to the altar backdrop wall that will match the color of the pews, according to Rev. Mark DeMott, C.S.C., who served as interim director of Campus Ministry since January of 2014.

“I am so grateful for this generous gift that gives shape to our common prayer and our celebration of the Eucharist at the Chapel of Christ the Teacher,” said Fr. DeMott, who will begin preparations for his doctoral studies this summer. “This space is a focal point of the campus it gives our community a place to pray and speaks of God’s presence in our midst.”

Two other phases of renovations have occurred in the Chapel in the last three years. New flooring, designed to match the original flooring, was added in early 2013. Other renovations have included a new marble altar, a new wooden ambo, aredesigned presider chair, and a new altar backdrop wall.

The renovations were funded through generous gifts by alumni Rich Baek ’93 MSEE, ’02 MBA, and Jim Price ’65, both members of the University’s Board of Regents. Baek funded the construction and installation of the pews, kneelers and carpeting for the balcony, and Price donated the flooring. David Doe, a carpenter for the University of Portland, built the wood backdrop wall with wood donated by Price.

The Chapel of Christ the Teacher, which opened in 1986 at the south end of the Academic Quad, was designed by renowned Portland architect Pietro Belluschi. His goal was to design a worship space in a Northwest regional style with Scandinavian and Japanese overtones in a building that emphasized interiority over exteriority.


The University of Portland is an independently governed Catholic university guided by the Congregation of Holy Cross. U.S. News & World Report ranks the institution as one of the top ten regional universities in the American West. It is the only school in Oregon to offer a College of Arts & Sciences, a graduate school, and nationally accredited programs in the schools of business, education, engineering, and nursing.

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