Responding With Love and Gratitude (May 24, 2015)

It’s been said that we humans use only 1% of our brain’s power. I’m wondering as I type this about what percent of that 1% is used to remember PIN numbers and passwords! Or birthdays and anniversaries? Every so often I do get glimpses of the brain’s power. For example, it’s spooky how often I start thinking of someone I haven’t heard from in awhile, and then boom a letter or e-mail comes from that person. A friend and I are so tuned into each other that we pick up the phone to call each other at the same time, we speak aloud what the other is thinking at that very moment, or e-mails ask the exact same question. If it wasn’t so neat, it would be spooky!

In the same way, most of us probably have a very limited awareness of how much the power of the Holy Spirit is a part of our lives. Take a look at your typical day. How often each day does an opportunity present itself for a moment of prayer, of service to another, a kind word, a cheery smile, a chance to thank God for some blessing you’ve seen or experienced? How often each day are you presented with an opportunity to sin?

It’s my belief that Jesus and everyday life present us with countless opportunities each day to give and receive life. When faced with those opportunities, we have two choices: to respond with love and gratitude, or to ignore or misuse the opportunity.

The Holy Spirit enables us to respond in a positive, life-giving way. This response can be a prayer, doing or not doing something, a thought, a few words there’s so many ways we can choose to give life in any given situation. And it’s all inspired by the Spirit.

If you find yourself naturally speaking good words and going good deeds without a second thought, then that means you have let the Spirit influence your life. You are putting on Christ. And what a difference it makes: you are happier, freer, more “in like with yourself.” It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Be God’s smile for someone today!

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