Saint George’s College Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Saint George's College, Chile

On Friday, Nov. 11, Saint Georges College, a Holy Cross primary and secondary school in Santiago, Chile, will celebrate its 75th Anniversary. The school was founded in 1936 by the Archdiocese of Santiago and has been administered Holy Cross’ United States Province’s District of Chile since 1943. Saint George’s is recognized for its academic excellence and for educating both the mind and the heart of young Chileans. Currently there are 2,600 students enrolled, representing approximately 1,400 families.

Some of Saint Georges most distinguished alumni include:

  • Jose Miguel Insulza, current head of the Organization American States (OAS)
  • Andres Allamand, Minister of Defense
  • Patricio Melero, current head of the House of Representatives
  • Ignacio Walker, President of the Christian Democratic Party
  • Andres Wood, director of the movie Machuca
  • Enrique and Ignacio Cueto, owners of Lan Airlines (the largest airline in South America)
  • Barbara Riveros, World champion of Triatlon

The current President of Chile, Mr. Sebastian Pinera, has also chosen to educate all of his children at Saint GeorgesCollege and his grandchildren have recently enrolled at the school.

Saint George's Colege

The 75th Anniversary celebration will be honored by the visit of the Archbishop of Santiago, Monsignor Ricardo Ezzati, and the Superior General of the Congregation of Holy Cross Rev. Richard V. Warner, C.S.C. Read Fr. Warner’s homily.

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