Seminarians Support Missions in Mexico

Seminarians Support Missions in Mexico

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    Keenan Bross, C.S.C., and Brian Vetter, C.S.C., have spent most of the summer at the Holy Cross parish of Nuestra Madre Santísima de la Luz working with the Holy Cross community there. 

    "In the parish, Brian and I have said "yes" to every opportunity to get to know another group or community," explains Bross. "We've met weekly with 'el Hermano major,' an awesome group of elderly people that gather for simple activities, talks, and food. We've also gotten together with the youth group for hiking, sports, and celebrating our vows."

    The Holy Cross sisters have introduced the men to Casanicolas, a shelter that houses up to 100 migrants hoping to find safety and security in the United States.

    "We've primarily helped Nicaraguans fill out and translate the extensive paperwork to apply for asylum," adds Vetters. "We've also facilitated reflections on the Sunday readings and a bible study on the migrant people of God in the Pentateuch."

    Bross has also plugged into Holy Cross Family Ministries, developing a series of podcasts for the "Radio Rosario" called La Vida Autentica a Traves de la Cruz.

    "Beyond being a great chance to learn some down-to-earth Spanish, these folks have been the beating heart of the Christian community that makes us yearn for our days of full-time ministry," Bross concludes, "perhaps some day, even with the wonderful people of Mexico."

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