Sixth Sunday of Easter (May 25, 2014)

Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre DameReadings for the sixth Sunday of Easter

In today’s Gospel, Jesus promises us an Advocate, the Spirit of Truth, who will be with us always. It matters not how sinful or undeserving we think we are; the Spirit is always going to be a part of our life. I keep repeating that: ALWAYS.

Some folks aren’t sure how the Spirit works in their lives. After all, there’s been nothing extraordinary. But that’s not how the Spirit usually works. Most times, the Spirit nudges us quietly and softly to do the works of Jesus. Here are some examples:

  • You’re talking with a troubled person and suddenly say something very wise and pertinent and you wonder: “Now where did that come from?”
  • You straighten out a rug at the store entrance lest someone trip on it.
  • You donate to a food pantry drive.
  • You decide to surprise your spouse with a little gift.
  • You have a sudden desire to pray or to be silent.
  • You take in the beauty of nature and react with awe and thanksgiving.
  • You suddenly decide to email, write or call someone you haven’t heard from in a while.
  • You notice that a co-worker seems preoccupied and distant, so you ask, “Are you OK?”
  • You take the last bottle of water or soda from the fridge and decide to re-stock it.
  • You’re tempted to say something nasty, but bite your tongue.

Everything you do, say or think which improves the quality of life for yourself and others in your part of the world is of the Spirit. It’s what Jesus meant in the last line of today’s Gospel: “Whoever has my commandments and observes them is the one who loves me. And whoever loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and reveal myself to him”

See how easy God makes it?

Fr. Herb Yost, C.S.C.Fr. Herb Yost, C.S.C.

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