Starting to Feel Like Home

Community Dinner at Old College

This past Saturday the men of Old College decided to break out some board games and spend some time in community. As I look back on it today I find it to be one of my fondest moments in formation. The laughter, competitiveness, and just plain fun kept us entertained for three whole hours.

Community is an integral part of life in Holy Cross. Some may think that mandatory community time would be a burden on college students. I think the exact opposite. Time spent in community is a great stress reliever. Between the busyness of classes and seminary life it is great to unwind with my brothers. Spending time together in every form, from games to just plain old conversations makes Holy Cross so unique. The first time I visited Old College I really enjoyed the community aspect; it was one of the main things that made me continue to discern with Holy Cross. The community has such a welcoming feel!

Men of Old College

Community is also great when you are feeling homesick. I have started to realize how life in Old College has started to feel like home. Spending so much time together we quickly become like brothers. Whenever I am having a bad day it is easy to talk to one of the other guys, chances are that they have gone through the same thing and can help you with your problem. Community also holds us accountable whether it be our daily obedience or our studies, it is great to have someone always watching over us. Having this has made the transition into Old College extremely easy and rewarding.

Living so close together we learn a lot about each other making us a close-knit family. Life as a seminarian within the Congregation of Holy Cross has exceeded all of my expectations. Life is extremely rewarding and I am so blessed be surrounded by such great men. I couldn’t image myself being anywhere else.

Mr Nik Guiney

Mr. Nik Guiney joined the Old College Undergraduate Seminary program in the fall of 2014. He is originally from Hudson, Ohio. Nik and his fellow seminarians share stories about their experiences regularly in the Spes Unica Blog.

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