The Real OC: The family that eats together

Fr Ed Obermiller, CSC in apron with Old Collegians

Thanksgiving, perhaps more than any time of the year, is when our minds (and stomachs) turn to thoughts of meals. In our latest post giving us a glimpse into life in Old College, our undergraduate seminary, John Whittaker, shares about their tradition of Sunday meals, including a special one that happened just a week ago.

Every Sunday at Old College, we gather for a community night that includes evening prayer followed by dinner prepared by the men of the house. Last week, however, Fr. Ed Obermiller, one of the Assistant Provincials, came to prepare a delicious Italian meal for us. Having been a student at the Culinary Institute of America, he certainly knew his way around the kitchen. I was chosen to help cook in the kitchen for this meal and ended up grilling steaks for the guys.

It was great to work in the kitchen with my fellow brothers and really work together to create a great meal. We had an excellent three-course meal of bruschetta, salad, and steak tenderloin with penne pasta. I really enjoy being a part of a house where everyone comes together as a family on a regular basis. Experiences like last week really strengthen my love for the Congregation of Holy Cross.

Community nights at Old College are an essential aspect to not just Old College but to the congregation in general. Holy Cross promotes a community in which all seminarians and priests feel a part of one big family. This brotherhood is built and strengthened in part by these community nights in which we can sit at table and talk with one another about whatever is on our minds. Again, it is about being family — together.

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