Three U.S. Province Apostolates Honored for Teaching, Student Achievement

Stonehill graduation 2013

Stonehill College, King’s College and the University of Portland, educational apostolates of the United States Province, have been honored by web-based guide Colleges of Distinction.

Stonehill (Easton, Mass.) received the honor because of its student engagement, quality of teaching, vibrant community and successful outcomes. The organization highlighted Stonehill’s 91 percent participation rate by students in internships, study abroad, research, practicums and field work prior to graduation.

King’s College (Wilkes-Barre, Pa.) was honored for its academic rankings and accreditations and for its innovative and comprehensive preparation of students.

UP (Portland, Ore.) was honored for its tradition of teaching and belief that “the mind is little without the heart.”

Colleges of Distinction are nationally recognized by educational professions, strongly focused on teaching undergraduates, have a variety of innovative learning experiences, have an active campus with many opportunities for personal growth and highly valued for outstanding preparation for graduate schools and the workforce.

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