United States of America (the Congregation’s First Mission from France)

Blessed Basile Moreau sent the first group of Holy Cross missionaries from France to the United States in 1841, just four years after having founded the Congregation. Moreau was responding to the request of the Bishop of Vincennes, Indiana, for religious educators.

In November 1842, these religious, one priest and seven brothers, founded the University of Notre Dame and Sacred Heart Parish near South Bend, Indiana.

From Notre Dame, the Congregation quickly spread out across the United States, responding to the increasing needs of the growing Catholic population in places like New Orleans, Austin, and New York. The United States and Canada became the foci of the Congregation’s growth and expansion in the early 20th Century. Numerous educational institutions, parishes, and other ministries, including outreach to the poor, were founded across the United States during these decades.

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