University of Notre Dame Pushes Footsteps Campaign Past $16 Million

2011 Final Vows

Eight months ahead of schedule, the Footsteps Campaign has accomplished a monumental and historic milestone of surpassing its Phase I goal of $6.5 million, by raising $16 million! The generosity of many individuals and institutions, including the University of Notre Dame and the University of Portland–two Holy Cross higher education institutions, made this amazing accomplishment possible.

“Our higher education institutions know first-hand the strengths of the 170-year relationship with Holy Cross religious,” said U.S. Province Provincial Superior Rev. David T. Tyson, C.S.C. “As teachers, rectors, and administrators, our priests and brothers provide spiritual guidance to the students, faculty and staff, building a Catholic and academic community that is uniquely Holy Cross. Our men currently in formation are the brightest and most caring men you’ll ever encounter. By helping support the Province’s vocation programs today, our colleges and universities are sustaining their own futures as preeminent Catholic institutions.”

Launched quietly in early 2008, the Campaign has experienced significant success despite a declining economy that has left many donors carefully evaluating their philanthropic endeavors. However, the economic uncertainty has had the reverse effect on our donors. Many of whom have never supported the U.S. Province have been moved to give and do what they can to help secure a future for the men and mission of Holy Cross.

Currently, almost 140 Holy Cross religious are assigned throughout four universities and colleges in the United States, in positions of leadership, faculty, residence halls, and campus ministry, among others.

The U.S. Province’s needs and the total goal for the Footsteps Campaign is $30.9 million.

  • Religious Formation, Education, and Advanced Studies: $12 million
  • Holy Cross House, Assisted Living, Retirement, and Wellness: $10.5 million
  • International Missions: $8.4 million

The first phase of the Campaign will conclude in May 2012, and efforts for Phase II will begin shortly thereafter.

To learn more about the Footsteps Campaign, please visit the Footsteps Campaign website or call the Holy Cross Campaign Office toll free at (877) 631-1539.

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