Visitation Maternal-Child Health Center in Dandora

On this weekend of Mother’s Day, we recognize and pray for women across our world who have brought life into the world, or nurtured life that is in the world, and reflected to us the beauty of motherhood …

Let us pray for all who are mothers, expecting children, and those who might not have children of their own, but care for children in a special way of a loving maternal figure! You are all beautiful and celebrated today!

Pleasetake a moment to watch this beautiful video of the new Visitation Maternal-Child Health Center in Dandora, one of the poorest areas of Nairobi, Kenya.

To support this important life-giving effort, please go to the Holy Cross Mission Center donation pageand type in “Dandora Maternity” in the ‘other designation’ box.

Through the GENEROSITY of so many, in collaboration with Holy Cross, the women in that sector are beginning to have some of the safest and best care during pregnancy and childbirth.

Holy Cross Parish in the Dandora area of Nairobi, Kenya is building Visitation Maternal-Child Health Center to provide a clean and safe place for women in this under-served area to receive prenatal care, to give birth, and to receive postnatal care.

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