What Happened Along the Way?

An Introduction

The unforeseen happenings of our lives seem to be experiences we remember most vividly, most fondly, most accurately. These unintended journeys along the way can be characterized by humor and sorrow, can be transformational and affirming of known truths; these encounters are catalysts by which one can be ever changed.

It is these moments, the happenings along the way, which we wish to share with you through our Mission Edition blog postings. The What Happened Along the Way Series will invite a collection of individuals, religious and lay, to reflect on the journey they made as they lived out the Congregation’s charism of mission. Join our guest authors as they recount moments of laughter, struggle, challenge and joy. Our guest bloggers will each answer the question, “What happened along the way?” and reflect upon how their experience along the way taught them something about themselves, showed the unity of the Holy Cross family, were moments of transformation or revelation, and so much more.

The stories our guest authors decide to share will be as varied as the communities and peoples that make up the Holy Cross family. From stories that tell of one’s personal transformation to stories that have you falling out of your chair laughing, this blog will offer it all! The realities that we cannot plan or envision, like the experience of the two disciples meeting Jesus on the road to Emmaus, tend to have the most profound lessons to teach. These lessons invite us to dive deeper into the realities of the human condition, the transcendence of Christ, the unity of peoples across borders of every sort, and the solidarity of the family of Holy Cross and our global neighbors.

In preparation for this new series of blogs, we invite you to enter into a space of openness and reception so you too may come to see what happens along the way to make God known, loved, and served. Let us view each post as a moment of encountering true grace and allow them to be an invitation to see Christ in all the times of our own journeys to discover the true message of mission, accompaniment, and love (charity).

Interested in learning more about the International mission work of Holy Cross; check us out at missions.holycrossusa.org, on Facebook at CSCmissions.facebook.com, via Twitter and Instagram @CSCMission.

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