Who is Jesus for You? (June 19, 2016)

In the Gospel, Jesus asks the disciples: “Who do the crowds say that I am?” It’s a question that is also asked of us.who is Jesus for us? But this is also a very pertinent personal question: “Who do the crowds say that I am?”

Y’see, we have crowds within our heads and all around us. People at work, at church, in our neighborhoods and clubs they all try to define us. So do our spouses and children and extended families. If you were to go up to a resident of St. Paul’s Retirement Community and ask: “Who is Fr. Herb?” you will probably get many different answers (mostly nice, I hope!!). People say I should do this or I should act this way, or this is what I should believe, etc.

We are not only defined by the outside crowds, but there is a crowd inside our which also tries to define us. Unfortunately, for many this is a negative crowd. Even when we try to treat ourselves with positive regard, those negative voices always have a way of raising their volume. It is really crowded in there.

There is really only one voice that matters: the voice of Jesus. But how difficult it is to hear that voice! So here is a suggestion. In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus is in a quiet place, alone, praying. Find yourselves a quiet place, preferably outside if you can. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, feel the gentle breeze touching you. Now imagine that Jesus is sitting there, looking at you. Pay attention to the eyes of your heart. What is the look in Jesus’ eyes? Does he have “that love look?”

When you see that look, you will truly be able to say who Jesus is for you, and his voice will diminish all other voices trying to define you. Notice I use the word “diminish” you’ll never be fully rid of them, but you’ll see the truth of your life in the loving gaze of the Lord.

Gentle Hugs!!

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