You Will Recognize Them as Disciples

Beloved brothers and sisters: since these our sons, who are your relatives and friends, are now to be advanced to the Order of Deacons, consider carefully the nature of the rank in the Church to which they are about to be raised.

The Deacon Candidates lie prostrate during the Rite of Ordination

Strengthened by the gift of the Holy Spirit, they will help the Bishop and his Priests in the ministry of the word, of the altar, and of charity, showing themselves to be servants to all. As ministers of the altar, they will proclaim the Gospel, prepare the Sacrifice, and distribute the Lord’s Body and Blood to the faithful.

Bishop Jenky presents Rev Mr Matthew Hovde, CSC with a Lectionary

Furthermore, it will be their duty, at the Bishop’s direction, to exhort believers and unbelievers alike and to instruct them in holy doctrine. They will preside over public prayer, administer Baptism, assist at and bless Marriages, bring Viaticum to the dying, and conduct funeral rites.

Bishop Jenky celebrates the Mass with the newly ordained Deacons assisting him

Consecrated by the laying on of hands that comes down to us from the Apostles and bound more closely to the service of the altar, they will perform works of charity in the name of the Bishop or the pastor. With the help of God, they are to go about all these duties in such a way that you will recognize them as disciples of him who came not to be served, but to serve.

Bishop Jenky stands at the alter with the newly ordained deacons

Now, dear sons, you are to be raised to the Order of the Diaconate. The Lord has set an example that just as he himself has done, you also should do.

Bishop Daniel R Jenky, CSC, DD

At the Mass of the Rite of Ordination to the Diaconate this past weekend, Bishop Daniel Jenky shared this text from the Exhortation in the Roman Pontifical. Rev. Mr. Matthew Hovde, C.S.C. and Rev. Mr. Dennis Strach, C.S.C. were both ordained to the Order of the Diaconate on Sunday, August 30, 2015. Their Priestly Ordination is planned for the spring of 2016. Bishop Jenky currently serves as Bishop of the Diocese of Peoria in Illinois.

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