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    Seminarian Travelogue: Lourdes, France

    Aug 03, 2022 | Other News | by Mike Ryan, C.S.C.

    Mike Ryan is a fourth-year professed seminarian. This year, he will be an assistant rector in Dunne Hall at the University of Notre Dame. I had the opportunity in May to travel to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in Lourdes, France, for my...

      Seminarians Support Missions in Mexico

      Jul 18, 2022 | Other News

      Keenan Bross, C.S.C., and Brian Vetter, C.S.C., have spent most of the summer at the Holy Cross parish of Nuestra Madre Santísima de la Luz working with the Holy Cross community there.  "In the parish, Brian and I have said "yes" to...