Post-Grad Programs


We are called to service in so many different ways. I appreciate the relationships I have with other members of Holy Cross, to be able to share ideas and ask for advice and direction. My spiritual director gave me a venue to ask questions and help me continue on my faith walk.

— John Powers on his OLM experience in Chile

Domestic Service Opportunities

For those interested in one-year, domestic-service opportunities, we, as the U.S. Province, operate André House in Phoenix and the Saint André Bessette Catholic Church in Portland, Ore. You will need to contact the organizations directly for more information on those post-grad opportunities.

Overseas Lay Ministry

In the missionary spirit of our founder Blessed Basil Moreau, Overseas Lay Ministry offers recent college graduates opportunities to serve with Holy Cross in either Chile or Uganda.

The three pillars of the Overseas Lay Ministry are prayer, mission and community.

OLMs live with or in close proximity to Holy Cross Religious and enjoy a direct experience of the Congregation’s international mission and spirituality. The OLMs teach in our primary or secondary schools and assist in parishes, health care or other social service ministries. Applicants must:

  • Be active, practicing Catholics;
  • Possess a strong service record and a bachelor’s degree;
  • Be in good health; and
  • Remain committed to personally enhancing each of the three program pillars.

Application Process

Each year, we select two to three post-graduate students for Chile and three to five for Uganda. Uganda volunteers stay for 16 months, whereas the Chile program runs 17 months. Chile OLMs must be proficient in Spanish prior to arrival, as there is no formal language training.