Twinning Parishes


The “Twinning Parishes” or Sister Parishes Program is when a Holy Cross parish in the United States adopts one of our many parishes that are a part of our international mission program. Lasting sister parish relationships are built between the two, with U.S. parishes raising funds and sending resources to their “twin,” often less fortunate, parish.

Our Holy Cross parishes, grade schools and even universities have turned the Twinning Parish program into a real story of love and commitment, bringing hope and aid to thousands of people. It is a practical, proven and rewarding example of Christianity in action.

Below are just a few examples of what U.S. Holy Cross parishes have helped their sister parishes accomplish:

  •  Programs for street children
  •  Establishment of a sewing school
  •  Purchase of land
  •  Funding for teachers’ salaries
  •  Scholarship and tuition costs
  •  Purchase of school uniforms
  •  Books for libraries
  •  Supplies for Brother André Dispensary
  •  Purchase of hundreds of mosquito nets
  •  Installation of a healthy water supply system
  •  Purchase of a church audio system
  •  Funds for catechist training

Our Holy Cross colleges and universities are also very generous and supportive. Combined, the University of Notre Dame community and Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) have donated almost $1 million to support the relief and rebuilding efforts in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Students through their residence hall communities have done service projects in our mission countries and raised money for various projects. Residence halls at the University of Portland  support a number of mission projects and typically raise more than $20,000 annually, which is matched 100 percent. Students at Stonehill and King’s Colleges are also actively engaged with supporting Holy Cross’ mission work.

If you’d like more information about establishing a Twinning Parish Program, please contact us online or by calling  574.631.5477.