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The coming of the great light

Posted by Fr. John Herman, C.S.C. on

"As I reflect upon the reality of our people and the anxiety and uncertainty under which they live now here with the drug cartels of Mexico, I think of Mary and Joseph and the people of Israel living in anxiety and uncertainty under the presence of the Roman army in their land," writes Fr. John...

Fr. Harvey: Priest of the Theatre

Posted by Fr. Nick Ayo, C.S.C. on

"More than one generation of Notre Dame students were tutored in drama techniques and in life itself by Fr. Harvey, who put all his mind and heart into directing players and productions," writes Fr. Nick Ayo, C.S.C., about this month's Holy Cross Hero. "I think the real ghost of Washington Hall...

Advent Buzz in Parish Life

Posted by Fr. Jim Fenstermaker, C.S.C. on

"This is a busy and exciting time of the year in a parish, as you well know from your own home parish," writes Fr. Jim Fenstermaker, C.S.C., pastor of Holy Cross Parish in South Easton, Mass. "Advent is one of my favorite liturgical seasons in which to preach, with that dual focus on the first...

Waiting on others

Posted by Fr. Don Fetters, C.S.C. on

"This nurse was there to wait on whoever might need her amazing attentiveness," writes Fr. Don Fetters, C.S.C., "imitating the extreme sensitivity of Jesus who, in the midst of the noisy, pressing throng, stopped everything He was doing to turn the power of His attentiveness toward a poor sick...

Thanksgiving at the Seminary

Posted by Mr. Chase Pepper, C.S.C. on

"Being able to celebrate Thanksgiving this year with my Holy Cross brothers at Moreau Seminary has helped me see more clearly that, as men with hope to bring, our life together is meant to be a deep and enduring act of thanks to the One who calls us to that hope," writes Mr. Chase Pepper...

I'm glad it was us and not me.

Posted by Mr. Rob Curtis on

"I still remember one our parish staff members saying to me, 'I'm glad it's you and not me,'" writes Mr. Rob Curtis, the Pastoral Minister at St. John Vianney Parish, about finding out he would be the point person for implementing the new translation of the Roman missal. "However, a year later...

Unwritten Rules of Andre House

Posted by Fr. Eric Schimmel, C.S.C. on

"In this season of hope," writes Fr. Eric Schimmel, C.S.C., from André House, "I would like to share three of my favorite "unwritten rules" at André House that help to keep this place one of peace and joy – for staff as well as guests. … Our unwritten rules may, in...

Unexpected Graces

Posted by Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C. on

"I certainly do put the vast majority of my energy into these works [teaching mathematics and serving as a pastoral resident at Villa Maria Hall]," writes Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C., "but I am consistently amazed at how some of the most significant experiences I have with the students of UP fall...

Seeking God through Scripture

Posted by Fr. Russ McDougall, C.S.C. on

"Whether at Notre Dame, in Jerusalem (for one semester at the Hebrew University and another at the École Biblique), or in Rome (where I studied for the licentiate and am now pursuing doctoral studies)," writes Fr. Russ McDougall, C.S.C., "I've found that the study of Scripture has served...