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Jubilees: Christ who lives in us

Posted by Fr. Tom Looney, C.S.C. on

Last Friday, May 25, the United States Province celebrated the jubilees of 18 priests and five brothers who celebrated milestone anniversaries of their Ordination or their Final Vows in 2012. In a beautiful Mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Fr. Tom Looney, C.S.C., who was celebrating 25...

Never Bored

Posted by Fr. Jim Fenstermaker, C.S.C. on

"I have never been bored as a priest," writes Fr. Jim Fenstermaker, C.S.C. "This experience includes my 10 years outside of parish ministry as Vocation Director and as Director of Campus Ministry.... I must say, however, that parish ministry has been the most fulfilling and enjoyable ministry I...

Living Among the Saints

Posted by Mr. Bryan Williams on

"Since coming to Rome, my faith has been inspired in a completely different way than it had been in the United States, specifically through the lives of the saints," says Mr. Byran Williams, an Old Collegian who has been studying in the Eternal City this semester with three of his classmates...

Mysterious Signs of Divine Providence

Posted by Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C. on

"Mathematics and religious life have both brought with them one fringe benefit that I had not really considered when entering into either vocation: international travel," writes Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C. "In fact, this June will mark the fourth summer in a row that I'll be making a trip to...

The Easter Cross

Posted by Fr. Don Fetters, C.S.C. on

'"My daughter's in bad shape,' Carmen said. … Those few words were all it took to bring back to my mind her story which I was painfully aware of – about a daughter who vacillated between hope and failure in what seemed a life-long battle against a drug addiction, and now once again...

The Host of the Mass

Posted by Fr. Eric Schimmel, C.S.C. on

"At the end of the day, it does not matter where you celebrate the Mass – in a gothic church (like my sister's parish), in a basilica or cathedral, or in a more simple setting such as a country chapel or the humble parking lot of André House," writes Fr. Eric Schimmel, C.S.C...

A Community Transcending Time and Space

Posted by Mr. John Soisson on

"Maybe it's a guy thing, but there is something that has always moved me about a group of men, united in purpose and labor, bonded by a shared life, shared sacrifice and shared joy," writes Mr. John Soisson, the Special Assistant to the President at the University of Portland. "I first felt it...

A Home for Studies

Posted by Fr. David Eliaona, C.S.C. on

"Not so long after I bragged about the ministry of Holy Cross in our Parishes in Tanzania – Kitete and Kambi ya Simba – I took a turn to do advanced studies at the University of Notre Dame and live in residence at Moreau Seminary," writes Fr. David Eliaona, C.S.C. "[Now] I am about...