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Different Place, Same Mission

Posted by Mr. Dennis Strach on

"Before I arrived in Perú, I prepared myself for a unique experience," writes Mr. Dennis Strach, C.S.C., from his summer ministry placement. "I knew that there would be many new things to look forward too -- different types of foods, different styles of music, dance, and dress. To be...

Why do I teach? ... I Am What I Do

Posted by Fr. Jeffrey Cooper, C.S.C. on

"Why do I teach?" That is the question that Fr. Jeff Cooper, C.S.C., reflects upon and tries to answer in this blog post. An Assistant Professor of Theology at the University of Portland, Fr. Jeff writes, "The short answer to that question is: I really don't know what else to do." The long...

HCFM Leads Global Rosary Rally for Priests

Posted by Mrs. Lucha Ramey on

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Holy Cross Family Ministries organized a Global Rosary Relay for Priests for Friday, June 7. More than 60 locations (some Holy Cross and Family Rosary locations) around the world prayed the Rosary, creating a prayer chain circling the globe.