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Novitiate or Bust!

Posted by Mr. Brendan Ryan on

"I am ready to get to the Novitiate," writes Mr. Brendan Ryan, who recently completed his postulant year at Moreau Seminary and is heading to the Holy Cross Novitiate in Cascade, Colo., next week with his fellow novices-to-be. "As the Constitutions say, the Novitiate is the 'apprenticeship in...

Six Holy Cross Novices Make Their First Profession

Posted on

Six novices from the Holy Cross Novitiate in Cascade, Colo., professed their First Vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience on July 28, 2012. Presiding at the Mass and receiving their vows was the newly elected Provincial Superior, Fr. Thomas J. O'Hara, C.S.C. He spoke of the hope that these...

Africa, So Distant and So Close

Posted by Fr. Jose Ahumada, C.S.C. on

"Before going to East Africa, I thought of the many diseases that I could contract there. I also thought of how difficult it would be to live without electricity and potable water in a hot climate full of mosquitoes. But I found it to be a quite different reality," writes Fr. José...

And you call yourself a priest!

Posted by Fr. Eric Schimmel, C.S.C. on

"One of the hardest things that we do in ministry, including here at André House, is to say 'no' to someone," writes Fr. Eric Schimmel, C.S.C. "Many people come to us with different needs, and we really want to help them. But there are times when it simply is not possible...