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Ordination Week: The Vestments

Ordination Week: The Vestments

Ordination Week: The Vestments

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As a promised part of our exclusive coverage of Ordination Weekend, while Ordination Mass is still going on, we are revealing the vestments that Ms. Patty Schlarb, the Liturgical Seamstress at the Basilica, made for the ordinandi. As we found out in our interview with her earlier this week, "This year is a little bit unique, because I have made vestments in a style unlike I have made before. I also used a fabric that is a little bit more ornate, because I feel in working with the seminarians – and that is my favorite part of the job by far – that is what they are looking for today."

So without further ado, here they are the vestments:

Bishop's Chasuble and Miter

Ordinandi's Chasuble and Stole


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