The Eighth Station: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem


Leader:  We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you.

station_8_sacred_heart_coloAll:  Because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world!

Leader:  Though tired and exhausted from already having raised her own family, the woman wanted her daughter to have a much better life than her own. She would care for her new grandchild so that her daughter could work and go to school. It was enough for her to raise her own children, but to take on that parental role again with her grandchildren is something she never dreamed she would have to do. Yet this grandmother’s example continues to speak the truth about love to her family.

All:  Jesus, in your words to the women on the way to the Cross, you did not hide the truth. You spoke to them because they understood what many of us often do not – a life sacrificed for love can bring new life. Prepare our hearts to listen as they did. Confide in us what you confided in them: the mystery of sacrificial love. Teach us to understand what your suffering and sacrifice have done for us and assure us of the value that our sacrifices have for others.

Leader:  Hail the Cross,

All:  Our Only Hope.

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