The Third Station: Jesus Falls the First Time


3rd_station_our_lady_of_perpetual_help_coloLeader:  We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you.

All:   Because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world!

Leader:  A farmer plants grain in an act of sheer faith. As each tiny kernel falls from coarse hands to the soil, the farmer knows that grain is being lost to decay in the dark earth, but that this death is necessary for a crop that yields thirty, sixty, or one hundredfold. A single grain falls to the ground and does not remain a single grain, but provides bread in abundance.

All:  Jesus, you fell out of exhaustion, pain, and the sheer difficulty of your Way of the Cross. But your every step, your every fall, was not in vain. You offered your steps, your falls, and ultimately your whole life as a single grain of wheat that your Father might reap an abundant harvest in our lives.

Lord Jesus, help us to see you in our every step and stumble as we strive to be faithful to you. Through your grace, may our failings yield a bountiful harvest in our lives, our Church, and our world.

Leader:  Hail the Cross,

All: Our Only Hope!

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