What Is a Brother?


bro._jesus_alonso_csc_in_prayerFrom the earliest days of the Church, men and women have consecrated their lives to Christ through vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience. We as consecrated religious have devoted our entire lives as a sign to the world that the Kingdom of God is among us.

For all consecrated religious, the culmination of our “yes” is our profession of vows, committing our lives to Christ in our religious institute forever. Some of us are called by God and our community to serve as priests. There are also those of us called to the vocation of a brother. The vocation of a religious brother is complete in and of itself, professed in and lived through vows and dedication to prayer, community and service.

Within the Congregation of Holy Cross, Blessed Basil Moreau dedicated the religious brothers to the patronage of St. Joseph. Just as St. Joseph was an integral part of the Holy Family, so too, Holy Cross brothers have an essential presence in the Holy Cross family. Our Holy Cross brothers are committed to a life of prayer in order to grow in holiness and draw the world into deeper holiness. Our participation in the common life unites our community and provides support and encouragement for our confrerers.

In service to the Church, the Brothers of Holy Cross answer Christ’s call to go out to all the nations and make the Gospel known. We do this primarily as teachers, administrators or directors in the schools, parishes and missions of Holy Cross around the world. In our “yes” to Christ’s invitation to follow Him, we make ourselves radically open to serving the needs of the Church and the world.

Together, we as the priests and brothers of Holy Cross share a common life, common prayer and participate equally in common works.