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We are a community of Catholic, apostolic priests and brothers working to make God known, loved, and served in our education, parish and mission ministries around the world.

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Are you called to serve the Church as a religious priest or brother? The Office of Vocations stands ready to assist you as you dive into the work of discovering Christ's call in your life.

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Mission Center

We reach across borders of every sort to make God known, loved and served internationally in three districts – ChileEast AfricaPerú – along with the Region of México.

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Support Our Work

Your support, whether through prayer or donations, helps us continue our mission of service, Sacraments, education, hope and healing to God’s people.


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Are you called?

Hearing the call is a matter of seriously engaging the process of discernment, which can include a lot of research, as well as prayer and reflection. Which answer below best matches your level of discernment?

Yes Maybe for Parents

The Making of Me on the Road to Emmaus

Before I had even begun to understand all that had happened, the Holy Cross-Stonehill community was there by my side. The community assessed our needs and offered support of all kinds.

Journey to Uganda

Two members of the Wolohan family witness joy and challenges in East Africa, and realize — in terms of spirituality — we are all children of the same God, a God that loves us all equally.

Furthering Formation

The prompting of the Holy Spirit, along with their faithful stewardship, brought Joe and Barbara closer to Holy Cross in creating a legacy to serve Holy Cross and the Church for generations to follow.

"I came to discover the amazing work of the Congregation of Holy Cross when I entered Stonehill College, a small liberal arts institution founded in 1948 by the Congregation. Forty years later, I can now attest that I had no clue as to the enormous impact the Congregation of Holy Cross would have in the 'Making of Me.'"

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"The knowledge that we gained through our trip was the realization that if we want to see the face of Christ, we need only look to see it in the kindness, spirit and generosity of the poor.

May God bless Holy Cross Missions for the wonderful work they do in East Africa and all over the world."

Read Holy Cross benefactor, Mike Wolohan's, full reflection


The Herbert Mendelson Fund has gifted more than $166,479 for international immersion experiences to Bangladesh, Israel, México, France and Perú, provided underwriting for workshops and retreats, and supported textbooks and other formation resources.

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Mission Center

Crossing borders, bringing hope.

The Holy Cross Mission Center (HCMC) supports our international mission as an ambassador, educator, and fund raiser - serving the needs of many worthy projects worldwide, primarily in the locations for which the Congregation of Holy Cross, United States Province of Priests and Brothers, has jurisdiction: District of Chile, District of East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda), District of Peru, Mexico. The HCMC also has a special relationship, due to its common history, with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Province of Bangladesh.

Where We Serve Current Projects