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Holy Cross Association

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In the mid-1950s, in an effort to raise charitable gifts for the construction of Moreau Seminary, Rev. Richard Grimm, C.S.C., and Rev. Charles Callahan, C.S.C., established the Holy Cross Associate Family comprised of parents, family and friends of Holy Cross religious and seminarians.

The Holy Cross Associate Family was successful in raising money to build Moreau Seminary and in creating a network of friends and family demonstrating ongoing interest in the work of Holy Cross. In 1964, just six years after Moreau Seminary was dedicated, Rev. William McAuliffe, C.S.C., transformed the Holy Cross Associate Family into the Holy Cross Association with a focus on direct mail support for the operational needs of Moreau Seminary and for Holy Cross House. What made the Holy Cross Association’s direct mail program unique was Fr. McAuliffe’s pastoral and individual outreach to each name on the mailing list.

In keeping with its tradition, the Holy Cross Association continues a pastoral and personal direct mail program to nearly 7,000 households. Along with maintaining its “parish without walls,” the Association accepts Mass intentions, which are distributed and acquitted by Holy Cross priests in the United States, Chile and East Africa, and perpetual prayer enrollments.

The Association also offers a unique variety of Holy Cross prayer cards custom produced for any occasion, which can include an intention for a Mass, perpetual prayer enrollments, prayers for healing, birthday or anniversary wishes and so much more. You can join your prayer intentions in the perpetual votive candle at the Notre Dame Grotto or request Lourdes Water from the spring at the Grotto of Massabielle, France.

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