Impact of Supporting Holy Cross

Impact of Supporting Holy Cross

Time, place and circumstances differ, but the mission of the Congregation of Holy Cross remains urgently the same: to proclaim the Kingdom of God!

We, the members of the Congregation of Holy Cross, United States Province, are determined ambassadors of Christ’s message. We commit ourselves, every day, to the mission of Holy Cross and to the Church so that we can proactively serve others. We recognize our existence is directly related to the needs of this world, for if each life accepted Christ and lived as Christ calls us to live, our ministry and community would be drastically different. Until God’s Kingdom is realized, there are millions of brothers and sisters who will need what we can offer — hope, peace, salvation, love — the living message of Christ.

We invite those who profess a life in Christ to share, as good stewards, their time, talents and treasure with us so that together the Kingdom of God may come to fruition.

How does your support of Holy Cross, through prayer and your financial gifts, specifically impact our work in the Church and the world?


Formation of Priests and Brothers

A growing number of new vocations are called to join us in the religious life of Holy Cross. We must provide the best possible education for future generations of parish priests, administrators, educators, missionaries and servants.

Caring for the Poor

We have a preferential commitment to the poor and oppressed, with whom we align ourselves. This dedication is exemplified in all our ministries.

Our International Missions

We proactively bring Christ’s message to nations where the need for hope, peace, salvation and love is most prevalent. Within each international mission, Holy Cross staffs parishes, provides health care and operates schools.

Caring for our Elder and Infirmed Brothers

We must ensure that those who have committed their life to Christ and have invested their adult lives in that service, receive quality care and throughout their aging and are able to continue a ministry of prayer for you, for the Church and for all God’s people.