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The Holy Cross Mission Center, which began as the Holy Cross Foreign Mission Society, Inc., was established with its initial purpose to support the missions in East Bengal (now Bangladesh). In 1986, the Holy Cross Foreign Mission Society, Inc., merged with the Holy Cross Mission Center which was established to support Holy Cross efforts in Latin America, and East Africa.

Today the Holy Cross Mission Center supports the following jurisdictions: Province of East Africa; Sacred Heart of Jesus Province of Priests & St. Joseph Province of Brothers in Bangladesh; District of Chile-Peru; and Region of Mexico. Currently, the Holy Cross Mission Center also has collaborative relationships with Holy Cross communities in Ghana and Haiti.

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Bangladesh, India, Philippines


Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana

Latin America

Chile, Peru, Brazil, Haiti, Mexico

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Interested to learn how your Holy Cross parish or educational institution might partner with the Holy Cross Mission Center? Together through prayer, fundraising, and cultural exchange opportunities, we can foster our love for Christ with our neighbors around the world.

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“In order to be a foreign missionary, one must know the mystery of the cross. From the mystery of the cross, the missionary must draw the apostolic strength of those generous imitators of Jesus Christ, whose life below was but a continuous martyrdom.”

Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C.

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With your prayers and financial support, we can continue to have a lasting impact in supporting the poor and vulnerable at our international missions.

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